More Than Tracy Turnblad

All The Fat Genes with Harry Minot

January 25, 2022 Season 2 Episode 19
More Than Tracy Turnblad
All The Fat Genes with Harry Minot
Show Notes

This week, Abby introduces More Than Tracy Turnblad's brand new PATREON! Then she is joined by past guest Sarai Cole and her collaborator Mary Kelly, to talk about their new piece, "The Wesendonck Project: Poems In My Hand." This week's main interview features radio programmer and voice actor Harry Minot, who shares his experiences with fat genes, calipers, accidental weight loss, NAAFA, and dieting, as well as some harrowing tales of growing up fat in the 1960s.

***This episode contains discussions of suicide, and mentions of weight numbers in a conversation about unintentional weight loss.***

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Some of the fat activists and creators mentioned in today's episode:
Bill Fabry & NAAFA
Da’Shaun Harrison
The Fat Underground
Charlotte Cooper
Marquisele Mercedes
Marvin Grossworth & Fat Pride
Llewlyn Louderback & Fat Power
Lynn McAfee
Katherine Alyse & The Fat One
Katherine Scarborough 
Saucyé West and #fightforinclusivity
Karen Scott Jones
Dr. Paul Ernsberger & Rethinking Obesity
Substantia Jones & Adipositivity
Sofie Hagen
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Maintenance Phase Podcast
Big Fat Gay Podcast

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